Do not run any risk of Illness or Accident on your trip, which can ruin your Trip and financial situation for you, your family or your fellow travelers.

Protect yourself with Travel Medical Insurance, contract it 7 days a week, 24 hours a day on our website, where you can hire our excellent INSURANCE MEDICAL TRAVEL products and can offer it to your clients:

  • INSURANCE OF INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: it is a plan for students who plan to study outside their country of residence and need a medical coverage plan. This insurance satisfies or exceeds the requirements of most student visas and universities, which require that a foreign student be covered by a comprehensive medical insurance policy.
  • INDIVIDUAL OR FAMILY TRAVEL INSURANCE: protects you on business or pleasure trips, without age limit, available for citizens of any nationality, likewise, you can hire it just for the days of your trip. 
    > Trip for Groups: it is offered for Groups of Travelers of 5 or more people, to protect it while they travel outside their country of origin; It is appropriate for groups of tourists, missionaries, student groups, corporate groups (short or medium term) or organizations.
  • INSURANCE OF FREQUENT OR MULTIPLE TRAVELERS: is available to those frequent travelers who need a full 12 month policy with coverage for multiple trips of no more than 30 days, it is appropriate for executives and other professionals who require medical coverage for several trips during the year. The plan is available to those who maintain coverage in their Country of Origin.
  • HEALTH INSURANCE FOR EXPATRIATES: it is an International Insurance for Major Medical Expenses Individuals and Families; while living or working outside of your country of origin.

All our insurances satisfy the requirements of the Schengen visa