We offer High Quality Medical Care by accepting all Family members without restriction of Age, Sex, Immigration Status and / or Pre-Existing Condition

At Sun Health and Dental Plan, the main goal is your health. Through the network of primary care physicians and specialists they can ensure that they take care of and maintain the health of you and your family for a long time.

Sun Health and Dental Plan is a Licensed and Regulated Medical Discount Plan by the Florida Department of Insurance. Sun Health and Dental was created to provide medical and dental services to Floridians who can not afford traditional health insurance or do not qualify for Obamacare and / or Medicare or Medicaid. There are many people in the State of Florida who have health insurance but due to high deductibles, even paying for medical coverage seeing a doctor is practically a luxury, thus neglecting your health and that of your family.

Sun Health and Dental has its solution and we are proud to offer access to a network of highly qualified and qualified doctors covering the Miami Dade, Broward, West Palm Beach, Naples, Orlando and Tampa areas.

Many of our providers have extended office hours and open weekends in case you need it.


  • Primary Physicians: the first visit $ 40, from the second visit will always pay only $ 20
  • Specialists: the first visit $ 60, after the second visit will always pay only $ 40, except for Endocrine, Neurologist and Otorrino
  • Benefits of Pharmacy: we work with all Pharmacies
  • Clinical Laboratories: priced at $ 12.50 for a study that includes 5 panels: CBC, Complete Metabolic Panel, Lipid Profile, TSH (Thyroid), Urinalysis
  • Diagnostic Centers: X-rays $ 25, Mammography $ 40, PAP $ 30, More than 500 tests available
  • Emergency Centers: are open until 9 pm are more than 60 Centers in Florida
  • Hospitals and Emergency Centers: we have Department in charge of negotiating the account with the Hospital
  • Benefits of Vision: Complete Eye Exam of $ 45 to $ 55, where eye pressure is measured and eyesight is graduated. The lenses and the frame have a discount of up to 60%
  • Dental Benefits: all procedures have up to 60% discount, deep cleaning $ 60 per quadrant and we have Payment Facilities

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Plan Cost:

This Plan is not a Health Insurance